John Bapst Memorial High School

John Bapst is a magnet for students who want to be challenged and who are looking for high academic expectations, including an outstanding Advanced Placement Program. It’s a school where it’s cool to be smart. John Bapst students are motivated and focused on learning, leadership, and the future.

At John Bapst, students get involved in all aspects of school life. They understand that success today means more than just good grades. John Bapst students are active, excelling on athletic teams from football and baseball to field hockey and track; serving the community through Key Club and National Honor Society; and participating in theater, music, and art.

John Bapst students are friendly, embracing school spirit, welcoming diversity, and respecting individuality. The school provides a welcoming environment where students get a great education, grow personally, and open doors to a successful future.

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Type of school: High School

Number of students: Less than 500 students

Male vs. Female students:Male and female

USA vs. International students:10% - 25% international students

Housing Type: Home stay, On campus

100 Broadway
Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: 1-207-947-0313
Fax: 1-207-941-2474

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