Maine Maritime Academy – Master’s & Commander Program

Wade Mondoux Area Manager USS Milius DDG-69 USS John Paul Jones DDG-53

This graduate program prepares students for the challenges of managing the logistics of global supply chains from both a strategic and operational perspective. Students are required to complete 120 sea days on appropriate vessels. Sea time is acquired through laboratories, simulation, and cooperative work experience.

  • Fully accredited Online Master’s degree program. Earn an MS in Maritime Management.
  • Complete the Undergraduate Small Vessel Operations courses necessary to sit for the USCG 200 Gross Ton Mate Near Coastal license
  • Earn the 78 credit hours required for both over two years
  • Complete a summer Co-op of supervised work experience aboard an appropriate vessel

Our graduates are employed around the world in a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors in addition to transportation, logistics, and supply chain management positions.




Type of school: College / University

Number of students: 500 to 2,000 students

Male vs. Female students:Male and female

USA vs. International students:0 - 10% international students

Housing Type: Off campus, On campus

Pleasant Street
Castine, ME 04420
Phone: 800-464-6565

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