Co and Extra-Curricular Activities at Camden Hills

One of our core beliefs is that students who participate in school sponsored clubs, sports, organizations and activities do better in school. As a result, we have many clubs and organizations; more than most schools in Maine. A full list of co and extra-curricular activities can be found on our school website. Being part of a club or organization is a sure fire way to find friends who share common interests, do good deeds within the school and greater community, and overall, become a contributing member of our student body.

CHRHS_A-Scene-From-a-Fall-MusicalOf particular interest to many of our international students is our visual performing arts programming. Camden Hills Regional High School has one of the finest visual and performing arts programs in New England. Our school was recently named as a school of Distinction in the Visual and Performing Arts. Our curriculum includes a wide variety of courses and subjects in drama, chorus, band, photography, jewelry design and fabrication, photography, pottery and a variety of drawing and painting courses.CHRHS often has more students selected for all state chorus and band than any school in Maine.

In addition to a very strong program in visual and performing arts, all most all of our international students participate in our award winning sports program. Sports Illustrated named Camden Hills Regional High School the Number 1 sports school in Maine. We have 27 sub-varsity and varsity teams for boys and girls that include Soccer, Football, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Tennis, Track and Field, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Skiing, Cross Country Track, Softball, Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Golf, and Wrestling. More than 60% of our students participate in one or more sports. Perennial state champions in Mountain Biking, Basketball and Wrestling all of our teams are highly competitive. At the same time, we rarely cut students from sports and there are enough teams so that just about everyone can participate, regardless of ability.





Type of school: High School

Number of students: 500 to 2,000 students

Male vs. Female students:Male and female

Housing Type: Home stay

25 Keelson Dr
Rockport, ME 04856
Phone: 207-236-7800

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