About Us

StudyMaine is a consortium of Maine high schools, colleges and universities that showcases the excellent academic programs and extracurricular opportunities available in Maine educational institutions and assists international students in finding the right match for their interests and ambitions.

For Students

Whether you’re searching for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a first-class university, or an American high school education that will prepare you for study at an elite university, this website is a great place to begin exploring what Maine schools have to offer.

For Schools

A program of Maine International Trade Center, our team introduces high-achieving international students across the globe to the outstanding education options in Maine through the website, presentations, and special events.

StudyMaine also serves as a forum for member schools to discuss best practice, successes and challenges in recruiting international students. Our team provides schools with resources ranging from research on new markets to contacts in-country, and leads educational institutions on coordinated missions abroad.

To learn more about the benefits of membership in StudyMaine, please contact us at (207) 541-7400.